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Well, my students are prepared.

We started off by explaining how to tell who is a zombie, then we got straight to the point – zombies like brains. CPHS students have great brains. Ergo, ZOMBIE ATTACK.

(note this is not my lesson, just someone else’s lesson that I adapted)

I split my students into groups and gave each group a folder (or some groups shared) with 5 weapons or materials, and they had to come up with pros, cons, and how to use each item. Each folder had different items. Then they had to switch groups and give me back the folders and from memory in their new groups decide which 4 of the 15 items they would keep and how they would use them. Anyone who survived got candy, anyone who died became zombie candy. To push creativity I told the classes that the most creative group got two pieces of candy.

Weapon’s List:

Baseball Bat: A regular, wooden baseball bat.

Chainsaw: This chainsaw comes in either “scary-looking, manly” or “pink Gucci” style. You get 6 Liters of gasoline with the chainsaw.

Flamethrower: This flamethrower can shoot fire 8 meters. You get 6 Liters of gasoline with the flamethrower.

Blankets: Enough blankets for everyone in your group. It’s November – you might get cold.

Matches: These waterproof matches will still work if you get them wet!


Rope: 110 meters of very strong rope.

Shotgun: This shotgun comes with a case of shotgun shells (bullets). 1 case has 20 boxes of shells inside. 1 box has 25 shells inside.

Spam: This is a LIFETIME supply of spam. Yum.


Kimchi: It’s really spicy, and good for your health!

Wood and a Nail Gun: This is an unlimited supply of wood planks, a nail gun, and an unlimited supply of nails.

An Axe

 A Dog

A Mirror

The kids who got the typical weapons (like “shotgun” “axe” etc) had a much easier time coming up with pros, but my favorites are the atypical ones:

Pro: Prevent cancer
Con: Very Spicy
We can use this to rub into Zombie’s eye

Pro: We can eat it while we are hungry.
Con: It’s not a good weapon, and we need rice to eat it.

Pro: We can eat when we are hungry.
Con: It’s hard to cut zombie’s head.
We can throw it for zombie’s eyes interrupt to zombie’s sight.

Pro: We – Koreans – have to eat kimchi
Con: It raises our osmotic pressure, so we need water a lot.
It’s good for our health

Pro: It can recharge our energy to fight them. It can fascinate zombie by awesome taste.
Con: It’s so spicy.
We can use this to paralyze zombie’s sight.

Pro: We can make zombie embarrassed
Con: No die
We can use this to cover zombie’s eye.

Pro: When we throw it, zombie can’t walk easily so we can earn time to attack them. And we can be healthy.
Con: We can’t kill them directly.
We can use it to hinder zombie’s walking.

Pro: Save the energy
Con: too loud
We can use it to bomb the Zombie’s eardrum

A dog:
Pro: Enticement
Con: Not human (so zombi’s not eat the dog)
How to use it: if we are dangerous [i.e. if we are in danger] a dog come across so dog dead.

Pro: It can make zombies come, “cute” and we can eat it.
Con: So noisy and can’t control.

Baseball bat:
Pro: Strong, light, and easy to swing. We can play baseball.
Con: Breakable.

Pro: It’s hard, long, so that we can safe us from zombies. If we break baseball bat, we can use shaped part to kill zombies.
Con: The more we use shaped part the more it wears out
We can use this to homerun zombie’s heads.

An Axe:
Pro: This is ‘Man’s’ Romance
Con: It’s too heavy
We can use this to cut zombie’s heads.

Pro: This is sexy weapon
Con: It’s too hot
We can use this to burn zombie.

Con: Limited fuel makes us sad
We can use this to burn zombie

Pro: Delicious
Con: Zombie can smell it.
We can eat it.

Pro: We give it as a food so zombie is full. therefore we don’t get eaten by zombie.
Con: Useless.

Pro: We can die without be a zombie.
We can use this to suicide

Pro: If we cover it, teacher will be angry and give him to ax, he kill zombie. [If we cover the teacher with the blanket he will be angry and then if we give him the axe he will kill the zombies]
Con: Next time we die
We can use this to cover dead friends.

Next post – a compilation of my favorite survival plans. As this is just the first day of MANY (at least 5) days of Halloween, consider this and the following post a work in progress.

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“ZOMBIE ATTACK: Weapons List”

  1. Avatar November 7th, 2011 at 10:29 am LoveStudyAbroad Says:

    This is so funny and I bet the students really enjoyed this activity!!

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